Brands produced in the laboratory
The variety of products of Dr. Raj
Patent in Iran and the world
Extraction from different plants

We turn ideas into reality.

Dr. Raj's team has more than ten years of experience in the production of skin and hair care products and cooperates with different brands and produces products for companies to solve skin and hair complications.

After years of teaching at the university, Dr. Jalal Mohammadi Khosh Raj started working in the field of product production because he was interested in chemistry and the composition of materials.
First, he worked as a technical officer in various factories and after gaining experience, he produced and marketed his first product (Doctor Khosh Raj soap).
By equipping the laboratory and using motivated and experienced people, Dr. Khosh Raj produces more than a thousand products with different brands every day.
Dr. Raj is the name of Dr. Khosh Raj's special product in which he put all his experiences and knowledge.